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Dj/Host Steve Shaden

District Techno

During his early formative years, Steve Shaden developed a strong passion for techno music. He grew up following the Italian techno- progressive scene and all of its pioneers.
As he grew up, he took interest in the various facets of electronic music, which in turn brought a unique eclectic feel to his productions and sets.
His strong passion for studying and producing music have turned what started off for Steve as a passion into a real job, to which he devotes most of his time.
Currently he works as producer for some of the most important and promising techno labels on the market, such as: Italo Business (IT), Naked Lunch Records (PR), Respekt Recordings (UK), Pornographic Records (ES), IAMT (UA), Yin Yang Records (UK), Elektrax Recordings (AU), Pragmatik Recordings (FR), Natura Viva (IT), Funk’n Deep Records (USA), Ausnahmezustand (DE), DSR Digital (HU) and many others.
His productions are a reflection his past: a blend of oldschool, powerful, yet rhythmic beats, combined with a modern percussions and heavy basslines.
All of these elements carefully combined together contribute to that gloomy and dark sensation that Steve is so well known for.
Finally, Steve has also a very strong passion for selecting and mixing tracks. His DJ sets have allowed him to undertake a radio career and work with the most important radios in the Techno scene, and also to perform outside Italy in several clubs around the Europe.